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THE BUGLE CALL NEWSLETTER The Bugle Callis provided here in Adobe PDF format. Just click on the PDF icon to display the Bugle. You can either read the Bugle on this website or print out your own copy. There will also be copies of the Bugle Call at Post 69. Keep in mind that we’d like to reserve the copies at the Post for those who do not have access to a computer. By printing your own copy or reading the Bugle online you can help save our Post $. April 2015 Bugle PDF: March 2015 Bugle PDF: February 2015 Bugle PDF:   Made with Xara BUGLE BOOSTERS   You can become a BUGLE BOOSTER, if you are not already one, by simply donating $5.00 per person a year to help with the expenses. Your name and the date that you became a BUGLE BOOSTER will be added to the list in the Bugle. Make out your check to “American Legion Post 69”. Then, give your name, address and donation to a Lounge Bartender or to the Bugle Editor. Now that Post 69 has its own website, the cost of putting out the Bugle will be far less. In fact, if our Bugle Boosters continue to support the Post at their current levels, we will not only be able to offset the cost for any Bugle copies we print but we should be able to offset most of the costs related to the Post 69 website. Thanks for your support in the past as well as any support going forward. 1-13 Walt & Marge Deetz Ernest C. Thomas Beveryly Gregg (in memory of Pat) Charlie & Midge Barksdale Everett Lee David Mowry Rick Straight Pauline Gittleson Lyle Tripp 3-13 Ev Hilgeman John Barbaro 9-13 Charlie Rooney Jim LaCount & Donna Emo Woody Woodward Raymond & Gayle Snow 11-13 Bette Leppek Linda Woods Dennis Brown Lee Kitchen Emma Biever Bob & Marge Burke Barb Valliere   1-14 Kenneth Gilbert Howie & Shirlene K. Jerry & Jann Telling Charles O’Neal 3-14 In memory of Chet Leppek 10-14 Paul Kemple (in memory of Diana Kemple) 11-14 Dee & Rudy Angermeier Mary & Miles Gillis 1-15 Bob Barnett 1-17 Gary Jugle 2-17 Pat Garmong